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Prefab Hybrid Mods are bad for SoE / Marketplace Sales

2:21 am, October 20, 2014 I'm struggling to understand why would Prefab Hybrid T6 mods would be added to the game? Doesn't this move essentially make R&D obsolete at end game...? Players will stop buying R&#38 [..] View

Skill points visible in groups?

2:21 am, October 20, 2014 Everyone is using the new app already and people can look up every stat on your character (including skill points) within seconds of joining a group. So why is a 3rd party app more useful than in ga [..] View

bring back the cartoon scences

2:21 am, October 20, 2014 Sup yall its ya boii DEADLY! And am I the only one who misses the cartoon scenes that told the stories of the dlcs? Because tbh I'm lost idk what's going on in theses new dlc lol its like the scenes [..] View

Modding an Earth Tank (PvE & PvP)...

2:21 am, October 20, 2014 I'm currently saving the few extra drops I get from the raids to eventually go Tank with my Earth Toon (Khalon)...but I haven't the foggiest idea on how to mod for Earth Tanking. The same goes for PvP [..] View

Do we need a big pop up on the screen when a group member dies?

2:21 am, October 20, 2014 I'm so sick of players not picking someone up and when I ask why they didn't even try, they say "I didn't see". How hard is it to look at the roster on the left or to notice one of the [..] View

Should they......

2:21 am, October 20, 2014 put rare base items in vendors? HT has been in place since January 2013 and I have yet to ever get a prehistoric drop amongst other "rare" drops. I know I could just buy them but at th [..] View

Why I can no longer hit grandeur and carry things faster?

2:21 am, October 20, 2014 What was even the point of this ninja nerf? Did BD and god those gems that grounds you are a pain,with grandeur 2 mins and it was all done,have to carry clowns and nobody has a shield?Hit grandeur q [..] View

Error Message: Can't find file 'MHDT0121'

2:21 pm, October 19, 2014 Hello guys.. I hope you can help me out. I got an error message on my main character only(!) just because I tried to enter the "League: ..." T6 raid. I was entering the Raid and got [..] View

A day in the life of wonder woman on the PS

2:21 pm, October 19, 2014 woke up, held down triangle. walked a few feet, held down triangle tried to have a conversation, partner informed me they had a rare disease which prevented them from finishing a conversation unless I [..] View

Do Weapons Matter?

2:21 pm, October 19, 2014 So I've been contemplating my third character and I've spent time actually debating this question in my head: do weapons actually matter? Does one weapon do more damage than another or are they all t [..] View

Excess Symbols of power

2:21 pm, October 19, 2014 Why are symbols of power the new mark for the latest DLC yet I have more SOP than I need and not nearly enough Marks of Fury...oh well I guess, since there is no solo or duo to earn SOP I must make up [..] View

13 to 14 second rallies??!!

2:21 pm, October 19, 2014 Just did a safe house rescue arena and EVERY TIME I went down it was a minimum of a 13 second re-spawn timer. I have never seen this before. Is this intended? Was this a deliberate change? Did I mis [..] View

DLC12 Raid Information

2:21 pm, October 19, 2014 Watching a couple of videos, this new raid looks fun, beautiful and awesome. It also looks really challenging! Out of curiosity and preparation, what are some tips, tricks and mechanics of the raid? View

Crash while attempting to create first character

2:21 am, October 19, 2014 I start up the game with no issues, the intro runs perfectly fine. Then the PvE and PvP buttons pop up, those work fine too. As soon as it attempts to load what I assume is a picture of the character, [..] View

Validating with login server, game crash

2:21 am, October 19, 2014 I have done a complete reinstall twice. I have nuked the registry for this game each time. I have added both the launcher and the binary to the firewall and AV exception list. I have turned o [..] View

when is munitions coming out?

2:21 am, October 19, 2014 the concept of mobile attacks (like how fire is now) is awesome...hopefully it is done right (not like fire's weak am)...waiting for soe to put out videos on it... View

Tutorial trouble

2:21 am, October 19, 2014 It's happened again. Had an idea for a cool new alt, took out the first four droids in the tutorial ship and stopped dead. I just cannot bring myself to trudge thru that blasted ship yet again! I m [..] View

Devs, about amenity placement. . .

2:21 am, October 19, 2014 I'm really big on themes. Everything must be just right. My problem is that the pink circles are few and located poorly. I want each section of my lair to be dedicated to something. With me needing al [..] View

you have failed this city!!!

2:21 am, October 19, 2014 Sup yall its ya boii DEADLY , and am I the only one that wants to see some new cities brought to dcuo? I know that the ps3 cant hold much more but when its time has come I think that we can expect mu [..] View

trilogy video

2:21 am, October 19, 2014 In DC I feel like we need videos in game to keep us to date with the content of trilogy's if ur not going to get rid of them. In these videos I feel as we could use a video to help us keep up the the [..] View

Style Unlocking

2:21 am, October 19, 2014 Can we please get some way to unlock our styles we have already unlocked on other characters. Make it cost replay badges if you have to but please give is a option to do it somehow. Re-farming hard to [..] View

artifact tanking

2:21 am, October 19, 2014 im a rage tank and I got my cr up enough to tank artifact today. the first part was easy I tanked the adds in the lower right corner and tanked the 1 boss in the upper left corner but then he would te [..] View

Gear or SP

2:21 am, October 19, 2014 I have a cr of 103 and 93 SP.....so i was wondering.......what to chase after? Get marks to get gear, get SP.....or even grind out for the new pvp gear View

DCUO Hack Detection Software

2:21 am, October 19, 2014 I think that SOE needs to have a program in place so as soon as there system detects the Speedhackers, you get instantly banned, that would also eliminate some of the work for the GM's View


2:21 pm, October 18, 2014 Does code:1048 mean suspended or banned? If so, how would I know when the account is back up or not? Help plz? I dont even know what I was banned for? View

Cosplay Iconic Heros and Villains "marvel and DC" contest

2:21 pm, October 18, 2014 ever since ive been around this game since around launch... ive always aimed for my character to be as close to my favorite heroes and villains i could get... lately ive been getting compliments on my [..] View

No new TRINKET!!!

2:21 pm, October 18, 2014 Sup yall its ya boii Deadly ! And i know its been a while since ive posted but aye , you already know what im going to do in this thread. and that is ....., ask the devs why they didnt take advant [..] View


2:21 pm, October 18, 2014 I was just curious, why is the armor and currency all changed with the vendors? Is this a seasonal thing? I was saving up to get the entire set of "Avatar Bombardier" for one of my c [..] View

DCUO's story - Why is Ursa free?

2:21 pm, October 18, 2014 Been a long while since I had a villain toon, but I recall Ursa was a vendor in the Hall of Doom, so she was out and about long before the FoS raids were released. Are we just ignoring the details her [..] View

WOTL 2 gear drop rate

2:21 pm, October 18, 2014 I saw the stream for wotl 2 and i'm excited can't wait for it to come out with that being said is the gear drop for the raids going to be the same as hop1, because i'm sorry but it's ********. I know [..] View

What would you like to see as future content in DCUO?

2:21 pm, October 18, 2014 Personally, I feel that the extent to which magic has been shown in DCUO is mainly with Wonder Woman and Circe, and does not show the rich tapestry of Magic in the DCUO that exists OUTSIDE of these ch [..] View

Why cant people play something other then DPS :(

2:21 pm, October 18, 2014 Hey guys its me again, so I've noticed that there's WAY too many people trying to DPS ya i get it you wipe out enemies quick and all but it's not always effective, I'd rather see a ton of blue and gre [..] View

AI Toons

2:21 pm, October 18, 2014 Hello, I feel like there is not alot of activity on the USPC... Especially on the villian side. So I am sure someone thought of this but I am going to pitch my idea out there or maybe it will sound s [..] View

Pve Legends Feats

2:21 pm, October 18, 2014 So i see there are 4 pve legends feats on test atm. 2 of the 4 require u to finish the courthouse alert as certain legends characters. 1 feat is all heroes and 1 is all villains. Looks like 3 characte [..] View

Need to start a Controller school

2:21 pm, October 18, 2014 Hello Brotherhood of the Bolt I am Dark Horus Leader of EnSabah Nur the Best Egyptian themed League in the game, today I wanted to talk about the different types of Controllers and Communication. 1) [..] View

La pgina oficial en espaol esta desactualizada.

2:21 am, October 18, 2014 La pgina oficial del juego en espaol, las noticias ms reciente aparece 08-28-2013. Al recomendar el juego, me dieron a entender que lo tienen abandonado la empresa el juego solo al ingresar a su pg [..] View

Log in problem?

2:21 am, October 18, 2014 I can launch the launcher but when i click on play (in-game) this loading screen freeze and stay freezed.. My whole computer crashes when that happens. I don't know what happend but i could play a few [..] View

OMG I missed the Tidewalker set?

2:21 am, October 18, 2014 OMG I just found out about this outfit today and OMG I want it but now I can't get it. I skipped the summer event this year, because I took a break from the game. Maybe give an alternative way to get [..] View

Food for thought DEV'S

2:21 am, October 18, 2014 Balance is not about everyone being equal, but rather that not everybody is doing the exact same thing. If everyone is doing the same exact thing, something is not balanced. Everybody is trying to pur [..] View

Any news on a fix for the Lag/performance client issues???

2:21 am, October 18, 2014 Hopefully this is not the norm from here on out. Damage and PvP counters are not registering/ registering in a severely delayed fashion. Are the servers the issue or the PS4? View

Synthetic Mods to narrow ?

2:21 am, October 18, 2014 Lightning revenge comes to you today to talk about synthetic mods are becoming are primary source well i have though and though about it and its time to drop exobytes all together . So we have came [..] View

New content and powers: are we paying twice as before?

2:21 am, October 18, 2014 So I've decided to create a thread for this question I have. We used to pay $15 for a DLC, new content and power. Now that new powers and content will no longer be bonded I assume they'll come in sepa [..] View

Last GU shrank View/Draw Distance?

2:21 am, October 18, 2014 I play the PC version of the game, and having a really nice graphics card, I have always played the game in 1080 with all settings maxed. I have also played this game since launch and the range that t [..] View

Sharing feats across platforms, let'

2:21 am, October 18, 2014 I play both on the PS side most of the time and will dabble in the PC side from time to time as well since I know some people who play there. While I know the servers cannot be merged there has to be [..] View

Hi, returning player here, what DLC would you recommend?

2:21 am, October 18, 2014 Hi, I was an avid DCUO player back in the day, to the extent that I ditched a new year's eve celebration in order to play the game. I own every DLC up to and including the Last Laugh. Now I'm planning [..] View

Improvements list

2:21 am, October 18, 2014 1) make a mobile app please (for forums and so we can make appearance changes and save multiple appearances 2) Allow us to make bios and display them in our base 3)Have a new hero/villian team contes [..] View

please remove the able to kick from group

2:21 am, October 18, 2014 Im tired the is kick from group,--- we need healer, troll tank ect -- I was in raid last where a person kick 4 people for no reason ,--- I cant cr up like that -- if i cant a mission its wasting my [..] View

Warp time

2:21 pm, October 17, 2014 My warp time for the past month has been an hour over where it should be. Warp rally is an hour and 5 minutes warp base is 70 is there a reason this is happening? View

Reporten los problemas de idiomas

2:21 pm, October 17, 2014 Saludos a todos los jugadores que utilizamos el juego en espaol encontramos animaciones sin sonido de lo que habla el personaje un ejemplo evento de Halloween. Este problema no ocurre con el idioma in [..] View

Brainstorming Ideas for making a challening boss instance/encounter

2:21 pm, October 17, 2014 So, I figured I'd make a thread about kicking around ideas for challenging boss encounters and the mechanics/setup of how they would work... Scenario 1: You're on a space-station/spaceship/subterran [..] View


2:21 pm, October 17, 2014 So is anyone else having any lag issues? My entire league 2night had the WM circles popping late or just straight awful lag. Others had dcing problems from my league and friends list. And then ofc lin [..] View

Invocation of Renewal

2:21 pm, October 17, 2014 Quick question I have been wondering for a long time now: back when they revamped sorcery they changed IoR from a cast time burst to a hot>burst and they removed the cast bar. Before they chan [..] View

EUPC Halloween Event - Spookapalooza! - Odyssey

2:21 pm, October 17, 2014 SPOOKAPALOOZA! Odyssey, along with Animate eSports, is hosting a Halloween event on EUPC! Come along, bring some friends, earn some prizes. All times listed are British Summer Time. Date: 31st Oc [..] View

Constant Errors on PS4.

2:21 pm, October 17, 2014 Eversince this recent update, I've been having nothing but constant errors/freezing issues, which then leads to LINKDEAD. NEVER had this many errors/freezing on the PS4, now I can barely go 5 to 10 mi [..] View

Sector Agent style: Villain side

2:21 pm, October 17, 2014 Where can I find the sector agent Helmet for healers on villain side? The wiki says Lyssa Drak drops it but she doesn't spawn in oan sciencells. View

Halloween 2014: Who has seen a Boo Jr. drop this year?

2:21 pm, October 17, 2014 I got Jr. Boo on most of my chars last year, except for the two, that I wanted him with the most: My main and my alt with the same Color scheme. I hope to get him on them this year, but the drop-rat [..] View

can't launch game

2:21 am, October 17, 2014 Whenever I press the play button on the launchpad, nothing happens. After a few seconds the launchpad closes on its own. I tried reinstalling, I tried adding the game as an exception, I tried deleting [..] View

Red and green shadows

2:21 am, October 17, 2014 How come that all the graphics are separeted in red and green shadows? Is it possible to turn it off? My graphic card is a GeForce GTX 670. Thanks in advance for any input. View

I need help making The Green Ranger

2:21 am, October 17, 2014 I making the Green Ranger from mighty morphin power rangers! I need to know what power and weapons would be best for him? I'm leaning towards Martial Artist, because One handed kinda looks like some o [..] View

Back from the hack feat.. or how we can't ever complete the feat list.

2:21 am, October 17, 2014 Good morning, I just reached the max SP in the game, with 901/901 feats unlocked. But something is annoying me. I will never be able to REALLY complete the game since I got no way of unlocking the i [..] View

Complaints about WOTL 2, what you feel is wrong or missing

2:21 am, October 17, 2014 i know that the dlc isn't out yet but many have already started complaining about some thing or another one, to keep things in check pls post your complaints in here, and if possible, add a reason why [..] View

Ps3 Rendering issues in pve and pvp.

2:21 am, October 17, 2014 I filed a ticket about the rendering issues Ps3 is having in the new t6 alerts and raids and the pvp maps like The Pit , Watchtower and safehouses. I got a reply from Gm Volom telling me it was a memo [..] View

With PS4 Out, How Long Till They Stop Supporting PS3 Players?

2:21 am, October 17, 2014 Simple question really. It took a lot of time and resources to get the game up to snuff for the PS4, which is now officially out. With that being said, is there seperate code for the PS3 and PS4 sy [..] View

More 1 & 2 player content

2:21 am, October 17, 2014 I know WOTL II will have 1-One Player and 1-Two Player but I would love to have more. I love running these types of instances because they are short and I can do it by myself or only have to deal with [..] View

Request for hand blaster animation change for Munitions

2:21 am, October 17, 2014 Please, please, please. Instead of a beam that comes from the hands please have it so the animation is like guns attached to the forearms. It should be fairly simple. The hand blaster singular (tap, t [..] View

Real cash taken but no market cash received...still...

2:21 am, October 17, 2014 I dont know where to put this so it goes here until further guidance. On the 3rd of this month i purchased two $10 transactions of market cash. Money was taken from my bank account but no market cas [..] View

Please test WoTL 2 with CR 106/92 Gear

2:21 am, October 17, 2014 This content, particularly the solos, are supposed to be able to be completed with CR 106/level 92 gear yet everyone seems to be testing with CR 108/94 gear. I've seen several testers saying that 94 g [..] View

What is War of the Light Part II's "Gimmick"?

2:21 am, October 17, 2014 To date, every DLC released thus far has had some type of "gimmick" attached to it, in addition to its content. This gimmick can range from something simple like introducing new game m [..] View

Destiny mechanics/designs that should be brought to DCUO

2:21 am, October 17, 2014 First off let me start by saying this is not a comparison thread. I do not care if you havent played Destiny or if you did not like it. This about some of the concepts and mechanics from Destiny. Firs [..] View

Weather Wizard Not Spawning

2:21 pm, October 16, 2014 Me and a small group of 3 just spent the good part of an Hour looking for Weather Wizard. I even recruited others and had all his spawn points covered and he Never showed. Please look into this View

Help Please ?!

2:21 pm, October 16, 2014 So I have recently just starting playing DC again after a long couple months of not playing since my laptop was down.I have two things i seriously need help with i dont know if it is just me or not bu [..] View

DLC 12 style questions

2:21 pm, October 16, 2014 I was curious to know what styles drop in what instances and where to find styles Solo- drops 95 weapons not sure what style Duo: shield robot style 4man alerts/ops- Hive defender Raid- not sure wha [..] View


2:21 pm, October 16, 2014 At that video I was able to notice a change in the ht modes. The developers decided to change the name of our usual type of movement? Or is it something more global? View

Why am I being sent to the actual home screen when hitting the banner and not the forums????

2:21 pm, October 16, 2014 I'm used to hitting the large "dc universe online banner to go back to the "home screen" of the forums but niw it's redirecting me to the actual dcuo home screen..... Why was t [..] View

Devs,ETA for new League Hall locations?

2:21 pm, October 16, 2014 I will FINALLY have enough within the next few days for a Hall but I want to wait for the next location to decide where to put it. So I was hoping to maybe get an idea of when we might be getting a ne [..] View

I have some questions

2:21 pm, October 16, 2014 I'm considering possibly coming back to the game; but I need to know a couple things: 1. Is it still easy to sell exobits? Last I was on, it seemed no one was buying them. How much is each color [..] View

Next movement mode variant Rocket Boots

2:21 pm, October 16, 2014 Confirmed! No, not really but I just love how Spytle dropped a tiny hint in the latest stream. It was a "Oh snap" moment for me. View

Help! I think I'm stuck

2:21 pm, October 16, 2014 Ok, so I leveled up my character to level 30. I bought a full T1 armor set to do T2 raids. I did T2 raids and used some marks from the raids to get T3 gear. I did T3 raids and used the marks to get T4 [..] View

The voices are muted in alternative languages (german, italian, french, spanish)

2:21 pm, October 16, 2014 If you set the game in english language you have: Voices: English Subtitles: English If you set the game in spanish language you have: Voices: Spanish (free game and dlc: 1,2 and 3) and SILENCE (mute [..] View

Is There A List Out There Of The Styles That Are Different For Both Genders

2:21 pm, October 16, 2014 There are many styles in the game that are completely different for males and females. I'm not talking about gender exclusive styles like "one piece". I'm talking about styles obtainab [..] View

Loader Stuck on Steam and Nonsteam version

2:21 am, October 16, 2014 I have not played for a couple months and now I can't even get the game to start from Steam or a new install from SOE website either. I tried validating the files on Steam , deleting LaunchPad-user.c [..] View

Connecting to server.. Forever..

2:21 am, October 16, 2014 Launchpad starts alright, but at the connecting screen, it stops at "connecting to login server", followed by "Disconnected; no reply from the server" pops up after abo [..] View

Dear Devs: About The 'Accidental Perfection' Feat...

2:21 am, October 16, 2014 ... are we missing something? I don't need you to tell me what it is specifically ... I'd just like to know if there really is some sort of graphical/audial/numerical hint that exists for getting th [..] View

Add DLC Tag to Mission Descriptions

2:21 am, October 16, 2014 I'm a web ux / designer and I'm always looking to improve user experience. Can you please add if a certain mission is from any given DLC? As it stands, there isn't a clear way to tell what DLC a missi [..] View

Thinking Ahead: Legends PVE: No CR requirement please.

2:21 am, October 16, 2014 Legends PVE is the thing I've been wanting the most. So glad they're doing it, but I have a concern: we should ALL be able to run it with the Legends characters we've unlocked, regardless of Cr or any [..] View

For longevity: We need a PS test server.

2:21 am, October 16, 2014 Majority of this game's playerbase is on the playstation, and even having updates on the game for 3 weeks on the test server doesn't prevent any major bugs/performance issues when the update hits the [..] View

Considering going legendary on PC for the Test Server...

2:21 am, October 16, 2014 I want to try the new dlc on test server but I have an important question. If I go into the test server do I have to make a character all the way from level 1 or can I jump right to level 30? View

Feat grinder ... :)

2:21 am, October 16, 2014 Hello All, Came here w/ two simple questions : How do you complete Two tickets in Paradox( feat) : The race ******* Slums Steelworks Master Flight race where can i find it? I looked online for it ever [..] View

Star Sapphire Male version Gear Pls.. = )

2:21 am, October 16, 2014 Say can we change the manhunter gear into a male version of Star Sapphire gear like the one in Green Lantern v4 57 (2010) when a guy got possess by predator. I'm ok with that look compare to being loo [..] View

Sorry but if all you do is spam BB, WM & BLOCK your not good in pvp...

2:21 am, October 16, 2014 They simplified pvp down to a kindergarten level & now all you have to do is nothing. The Pit is just a tank blocking & 4 other people BB & using WM. Pvp is so cheesy & [..] View

Feats that plague you

2:21 am, October 16, 2014 Which feats do you need and seem to never be able to complete... And why? 1.) 5 lair battle wins in a row with out losing a round Because I'm not very good at pvp, and since lairs are never 1v1 anym [..] View

question about ice tank modding

2:21 am, October 16, 2014 I've noticed some mods give you more then twice the amount of resto then dom. I was wounding if an ice tank should be modding resto in thier generator mods rather then dom because of this to make thei [..] View


2:21 pm, October 15, 2014 My game crashed and the linkdead character continues to get no response from server, and having the linkdeath active doesn't allow me to log into another character. Why? :-( View

SOCKET ERROR: Please, help me!

2:21 pm, October 15, 2014 Greetings. I wanna call for help with this terrible "Socket Error 11004" that appeared sudently when I try to launch DCUO. But I wanna alert you all, that I already asked for help wi [..] View

LaunchPad Error 4-404

2:21 pm, October 15, 2014 I can't get the launcher to work. I have uninstalled and re-installed, recovery reset. I have looked up solutions online and it is all steamed based. I don't use steam. I have deleted files and tried [..] View

Merit token prestige nerfed ???

2:21 pm, October 15, 2014 I transmuted few marks int merit token and just noticed there is no prestige value on any of them ! Is that a bug or or a new prestige nerf ? I mean the tokens had really low prestige value so if ner [..] View

Getting to cr to 100

2:21 pm, October 15, 2014 I was curious if anyone could help me with a quick question. My character currently has full "Scion of Ion" gear, which is getting my cr to 97. I'm about to add exobytes to my slots, b [..] View

DPS Power Suggestion?

2:21 pm, October 15, 2014 I want to make an alt toon and of course would play as DPS but was wondering out of these few, which is: a.) The most fun b.) Able to solo well c.) Looks cool (yeah I'm weird like that) The list is: [..] View

**** PS4 Server

2:21 pm, October 15, 2014 Like my topic it says it all. I'm sick of seeing those threads about the ps3. Like **** the ps3 server. If they don't want to play with a ps3 shout for ps4 only group. We the PS3 players are letti [..] View

Need clarification about CR108 build

2:21 pm, October 15, 2014 I have all 94 gears (mostly purchased, some from raid) including utility belt and trinket + V Expert mods (mostly synthetic) on all of my gears. I'm still 107. What am I missing? View

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