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Anyone figure out artifact feat

2:21 am, August 26, 2014 The feat to get the artifacts in the correct order, seems extremely numerically slim. I would think there is some hint or something to at least narrow down the probabilities. Has anyone found one? View

'The Bat-Crave' event the solution to everyones problems

2:21 pm, April 30, 2014 Almost every player that doesnt have it wants it, and almost every player that doesnt want (or doesnt wear it) has it YES im talking about the Batman-Inspired Mask BUT WAIT I have a solution that will [..] View

Power Balance Feedback: Aren't All Dot-less Channeled Powers Conceptually Useless?

2:21 am, April 23, 2014 Excluding 35% Finishers. Just some thing, I've been thinking about. Aren't they all conceptually useless as hell? The damage they do is not on par with the time they require. Off the top of my hea [..] View

Can we get a way to delete old email contacts?

1:21 pm, March 24, 2014 This weekend i sent a considerable amount of time clearing out my friends list and my ignore list thinking that would eliminate some names from my contact list. I was wrong upon looking through my lis [..] View

Unecessary Player Tactics

1:21 pm, February 22, 2014 I've seen people go pretty far out of their way to cause or prevent certain things from happening in game, and it can get a little crazy sometimes. Here is a partial list: Summoning as many on screen [..] View

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