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DCUO logon server, not working at ucsf campus, why?

2:21 am, October 7, 2014 Ok so far i can use the internet and logon to the character screen at most wifi locations, except the public guest account at UCSF Parnassus, which is extremly fast (72 mbps) and they even say on the [..] View

DCUO Game Launcher failing to start game

2:21 am, September 13, 2014 Upon pressing play in the launcher, it closes after 4-5 seconds. File analyzation, install and login are all cool until I press play and then it just closes. History : Just got a new hard drive - ba [..] View

Strange Lag Spikes

2:21 am, August 12, 2014 So my desktop is getting strange lag spikes that aren't present on my laptop. It's really strange because it seems to be specific enemies/locations. The T3 Circe's Stronghold (the moment one of the rh [..] View


2:21 am, July 31, 2014 Since this game has been up (I've been playing since beta) PVP Arenas is/are as broken as the day it was created. How about instead of adding and posting videos regarding new content, FIX THE OLD CONT [..] View

im getting this error help

2:21 pm, July 16, 2014 hi im getting this error "The program or feature "\??\C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\DC Universe Online\VisualC\vcredist_x86.exe" Cannot start or run due to in [..] View

No more DLCs. No more Updates. Balance, Debugg and Stabilize DCUO FIRST!!!

2:21 am, June 22, 2014 Over the last week while taking advantage of the summer sale, I did multiple Themyscira Divided runs as different might based powers ( powers I assumed to be might based). Mental, sorcery, and quantum [..] View

Graphical (And extremely annoying) error

2:21 pm, June 10, 2014 I get a really weird graphical error in both Gotham and in the Watchtower, basically it changes the space-outside bit into some nasty looking graphic bit and then leaves a huge after image when I turn [..] View

Loading screen splash images not loading

2:21 pm, May 5, 2014 As the title states, I do not receive the images that are supposed to appear during loading screens, with the tips and hints. However, this only applies to fullscreen mode. Windowed mode seems to work [..] View

Game Not Responding at Character Selection

2:21 pm, May 1, 2014 The title is fairly self explanatory. After the latest update, the first time I was able to log in, and start playing for about five minutes. Then the game froze, to the point where I needed to bring [..] View

Update Regarding Heartbleed

2:21 am, April 15, 2014 As was widely reported, a vulnerability called "Heartbleed" was recently found in OpenSSL (the popular open-source software used to encrypt and secure computer communications) that cou [..] View

Monday Discussions #12: PC vs Playstation

2:21 pm, April 8, 2014 Hey guys and welcome. I know, its maybe the oldest discussion since DCUO is on 2 platforms. But there have been many changes on software and hardwares, so maybe its time again, to ask: Which is th [..] View

Blue Screen of ***** Issue

2:21 pm, April 2, 2014 Dear DCUO staff The 1st time i play DC Universe is when you guys release the F2P patch, and THE most annoying issue that i encountered until now is a BSOD that occur after i play more than 1 hour. Thi [..] View

launcher close when i press play

2:21 pm, March 31, 2014 Hi All !!! This is my problem, i have format my pc and i install windows 8 pro 64 bit. i have installed only this software: AVG free 14 steam VLC DCUO framework 3.5 - 4.5 directx11 When i launch DCUO [..] View

Help! Cannot connect, launchpad not working.

1:21 pm, March 24, 2014 Hi I've had this game since last April, I can NEVER, and I mean never ever able to load this game using the launchpad. It just wouldnt let me sign in, and always prompt my username and password is i [..] View

DCUO: Progressing or Stalled?

1:21 am, March 3, 2014 Progress via change is an integral part of keeping an MMO alive and thriving. It's unfortunate, yet true, that the PS3 version of this game forces a large amount of restrictions on what and how the DC [..] View

Gamepads on PC

1:21 pm, March 2, 2014 What software do you guys use to map the controls to a gamepad? Do you know how similar the controls are to that of a Playstation? All of the issues with the Playstations is making me rethink about [..] View

game startup problems

1:21 pm, March 1, 2014 ive been playing this game for a while and friday morning when i tried to play at the first loading screen the dcuo user agreement and software license pops up so i accepted it then then after the fir [..] View

Took the dive and SSD'ed my PS4.... Took some times before & after....

1:21 am, February 17, 2014 Well as some of you know awhile back DeadMeat made a post on how they had to make changes to the unreal engine to pull much of the information off the HDD on the PS3 because of it's lack of memory... [..] View

My Base (WIP)

1:21 am, February 17, 2014 Sorry if the footage is a little raw. First time I've captured anything in-game. Anyone have any suggestions for free editing software? Any way, work in progress - still need several dividers and a [..] View

Name limitations for player bases?

1:21 pm, February 11, 2014 Hi Mods & Devs, could you please layout the name regulations for the player bases? In the past weeks I have tried several names that weren't accepted by the software (don't ask me what the n [..] View

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