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Ideas for "Work In Progress"

2:21 am, October 14, 2014 There has been the idea passed around for updating the UI and after seeing that video,....it's actually something that I'm looking forward to. However, what about trying to expand on a couple of thin [..] View

Why "I" am still upset over the MOV change to Lair Battles.

2:21 am, October 13, 2014 Long read, rant incoming.... As a statement of affiliation I really don't care much for PvP in this game for lots of reason, I generally prefer Legends when I choose to PvP and stay a season behind [..] View

The Symbols and the grief from them.

2:21 am, September 23, 2014 Of all the things added to this game to slow our progression down, this was by far the worst. Before you skip and flame, let me explain. What it all comes down to is time. Time it takes to complete [..] View

The complaining is getting out of control

2:21 am, September 17, 2014 Fellow DCUO Players, Why is there so much complaining going on over this video game that has nothing to do with the actual game itself ?? From kicking, being kicked, to elitists groups, to census ap [..] View

The real reason behind SP

2:21 pm, September 16, 2014 I see the issue with SP being brought up all the time. Some say they are useful others say that they are not. But here is the true reason why I think people ask for a SP requirement when looking for a [..] View

Solution to high CR players in low level instances

2:21 pm, September 15, 2014 Make Walk-in teleporters for every mission (challenge, duo, alert, etc.) (with the CR requirement currently in place to prevent low-level walk-ins from being squished accidentally or power leveled). T [..] View

Ghost Protocol Outreach program

2:21 pm, September 14, 2014 Having trouble getting Content done? Able to get into Raids/Alerts due to the CR requirement but the Community wont let you in? Need advice on Powers/Loadouts/Skill point Allocation but don't K [..] View

The census app...change up?

2:21 am, September 13, 2014 Screw complaining about why it should be gone. Sore and what's his/her name I forgot already lol. I like that they worked hard on this app and I'm not going to lie, it is cool in a sense, the cool par [..] View

DCUO PC- Cannot Attack, Menus Frozen & Blank

2:21 pm, September 9, 2014 Hello, all. I'm new to the forums. I usually play on PS, but I switch to PC recently. I've installed and re-installed the game twice (after complete un-installation, of course), due the the problems t [..] View

I'm sick of high Tier Players in low Tier content

2:21 am, September 9, 2014 I would like to have CR requirements to be enforced when you que up for content. I would also like a switch to turn off this option for the rest of the community. If your not the proper CR I want to b [..] View

My ideas for a DCUO revamp (long read)

2:21 am, September 8, 2014 If you could change DCUO and correct any issues that have been bugging you for a while, what would you have done to improve upon the game? Post your ideas. Be as detailed a possible. Here's just a few [..] View

Base Item Packs & Why I Will Not Be Supporting Them

2:21 am, September 7, 2014 Hey all! A little bit of explanation is in order... There's been over 140 dissatisfied replies to Mepp's post announcing the Base Item Packs and his explanation that they are one-time purchases and [..] View

The Truth about DCUO

2:21 pm, September 3, 2014 CR - With the system we have right now it's pretty easy to gain Cr, this helps new players reach end game content faster. Honestly most veteran players don't run the early content anymore so it make [..] View

Cr is more important than Sp

2:21 am, September 3, 2014 Elitists need to stop discriminating against low sp players, content has a cr requirement not an sp requirement. The community needs to stop making up requirements that the makers of the game don't im [..] View

How Important Are Skill Points Vs. CR? To the Bat Cave!

2:21 am, September 3, 2014 Group Contributor Level (GCL)= CR + SP / 2 CR+ SP/2= GCL 108+160/2= 134 108+30/2= 69 100+160/2=130 108+80/2=94 70+170/2=120 70+70/2=70 70+35/2=52.5 I love numbers ** Formula is relative [..] View

PVP Legends Flash

2:21 pm, August 31, 2014 Since Spytle stated that there will be a Legends Flash, will the character be in any DLCs or will there be any requiremnts to get the character? I am speaking this for those who have speedster charact [..] View

The avg SP in DCUO?

2:21 am, August 30, 2014 I keep seeing complaints about SP and how it needs to set up so there is a requirement for content. This isn't about that. My question is how much SP does the Average DCUO player have? I always though [..] View

Why does everyone care so much about nonsense?

2:21 am, August 29, 2014 Plain and simple: You dont like DPS heavy raids - Then dont do them You dont like skipping content - Then dont skip content You dont like PVP - Then dont PVP You dont like elitists - Then dont play wi [..] View

Some advice to dps out there

2:21 am, August 29, 2014 This has come up about 20-30% of my PUG runs in the new T6 alerts and Raids. If you are in Dps role after the first boss goes down check the scoreboard. If the troll or healer is doing more damage tha [..] View

Survival Mode Potential for revenue

2:21 pm, August 27, 2014 This just came into my mind, think about a survival mode where you would get Triumph marks. let's say 5K a wave? ( i was thinking about 6 to 7K at first due to it's time consuming) how does that sound [..] View

Please make SP requirements for Raids

2:21 pm, August 23, 2014 It makes me sick seeing how many T6 there are with 50ish skill points. I remember having to grind the hell outta SP so I stood a better chance in nexus and dox. Quit holding these guys hands and make [..] View

An idea how to make a raid hard by doing 1 simple adjustment...I recommend the devs to read it!

2:21 am, August 12, 2014 Sorry for any bad typo/grammar (I'm in my job/ and in a rush) As a person that plays FFXIV and DCUO currently. I tend to compare them a lot in regarding the mechanics and such. I personally been lea [..] View

Halls of Power, CR, and You.

2:21 pm, August 11, 2014 When Amazon Fury was released, people looked at the content and after a little bit, began to breeze through a majority of the content during the duos and alerts because they felt it was "too e [..] View

Halls Of Power CR Requirements Too LOW!!!

2:21 pm, August 11, 2014 I really suggest raising the CR requirements for Halls Of Power Content. I work a lot and don't always have the luxury of playing with my friends when i get on i need to get into a group quick. If i s [..] View

INSANE FPS drop since update.

2:21 am, August 7, 2014 I posted before about my game crashing, and yes I've checked the fixes and I meet the minimum requirements. I used to run this game perfectly fine, but ever since you guys started doing updates and ad [..] View

Solo walk-ins

2:21 am, August 6, 2014 Are there any plans to have some walk-in port for most, if not all the instances in the on-duty tab? At least for T2/3 instances? May not sound like something worth asking, but it's getting irritati [..] View

Leagues recruitment requirements crack me up

2:21 pm, July 23, 2014 Example of recruiting chat. Lookin for cr100+ players with 100+ sp for league send pst if interested. Really if you absolutely have no need of a league have probably figured out the whole game and s [..] View

Max CR

2:21 am, July 17, 2014 Currently, what is combat rating maxed at? I've heard a ton of 106's all the way up to 107. I was laughing at all the shouts for obscene CR and SP requirements in LFG so I tried an experiment. I shout [..] View

graphic processor question

2:21 am, July 16, 2014 First off if this is the wrong place for this i apologize. currently i am using a laptop with an amd radeon graphics processor that according to can you run it beat out what is required. but at th [..] View

DLC 11 Instance drops

2:21 am, July 14, 2014 A lot of you have been on the test server, but there still are some of us that havnt. So, care to inform us on the drops of these new instances? Does the 4mans drop 92 gear and the 8mans drop 94? And [..] View

Dear DCUO, Things That Should Be In The Game.

2:21 pm, July 13, 2014 Its Understandable not to include some older content with teir 6, but there are not even walk ins for some of the easiest stuff. instead we have to wait several hours, possibly days, to que up somethi [..] View

[REQUEST] Base Teleporter Mod: Walk-Ins

2:21 pm, July 13, 2014 I know this is already in the works, but I wanted to add a request to it: Provide us with a teleporter mod that allows us to teleport to all 2, 4, and 8-man instances and bring group members with us. [..] View

Debuff high characters in low content

2:21 am, July 9, 2014 I noticed the following: Whenever I was doing the event, the longest time it took was 2 minutes. At average the event takes 1:30. The reason why it is so extremely short and absurdly easy is that hi [..] View

Screen shot contest!

2:21 pm, July 8, 2014 DCUO Screen Shot ContestHello everybody! today I'm bringing you a screen shot contest! Here are the requirements1. Screen shot must be a capture of a Content, no selfies, Buddy photos or base photos2. [..] View

Is winter coming for those who believe in living the pug life 4 ever?

2:21 pm, July 7, 2014 Sup, Even before Kirito from Sword Art Online debuted, dressed in black I fought in the DCUO MMO as a solo player for the last three years. Indeed, even while my real life friends played, I refused [..] View

DLC 11 Requirements

2:21 am, July 4, 2014 Hi there I was just wondering what will be DLC11's Requirements ... What cr for t6 alerts and raids coming will be required? What do you people believe? View

My wishlist for a better DC

2:21 pm, July 3, 2014 Here's just a few things some small and some big that I think could make DC a more enjoyable experience. Tell notifications: Not a biggie but I very rarely see when someone sends me a tell due to ev [..] View

Legendary Items

2:21 am, June 17, 2014 As almost everyone knows by now, we hit lulls in progress, and not everyone wants to nonstop grind sp or bring new alts up. Before I start I will say I didnt spend any replays o [..] View

Sugestions to Improve leagues

2:21 am, June 16, 2014 These are some ideas I had on how to improve leagues and league mangment in the game 1 put a confirmation screen preferably in red you have to push confirm on to leave league to prevent accidental l [..] View

Character Graphical glitch

2:21 am, June 12, 2014 http://imgur.com/f7Vk9zN My computer is well above the requirements for this game and runs it quite well it's just the character models are not showing. Any idea how to fix this? View

Got a few questions to ask

2:21 am, June 8, 2014 First question 1. In Survivor mode I heard the CR requirements are going to be 103 is that true? 2.Also in Survivor Mode is it only going to be a event? If so how long will it be out for? 3. Not sure [..] View

Allow me to introduce myself!

2:21 am, June 8, 2014 Gender:MaleHome page:https://www.facebook.com/mrgangeticusDCUOLocation:MetropolisOccupation:Founder and CEO of Reptile Incorporated You may only know me as Mr. Gangeticus. I am the founder and CEO of [..] View

Add a League Finder Tab

2:21 pm, June 7, 2014 An interface that every league can post their league, along with focus (pvp, pve, rp) , number of amenities available to members, requirements, timezone, and point of contact for a fee of in game curr [..] View

My first Paradox Wave as Rage tanker :D !!!

2:21 pm, June 3, 2014 but no. CR 93 rage tank, the raid says that you need cr 86 to go for it, but also one DEV said: "The CR requirement isn't the actually CR to beat it, but the CR needed to you to queue up f [..] View

Devs: please, for next year, adjust the information on the Spring Seasonal event.

2:21 pm, June 2, 2014 So, after playing the event on a daily strech after having to miss 4-5 days of it due to work, this saturday I get enough currency to get the Blossom Trinket. "Its over- I thought-, this will [..] View

Request: Please add single weapon mastery to DCUO

2:21 pm, June 2, 2014 Single Weapon Mastery: As is, weapon mastery is limited in that there are only four abilities you can use with weapons to access higher damaging weapon attacks and these currently require your chara [..] View

CR VS Skill

2:21 pm, June 1, 2014 I've seen people get kicked after a wipe due to NOT being over geared. (I guess It's a requirement these days) But isn't it amazing when the lesser guy that got kicked was top in damage? Lol Saw t [..] View

SP Requirements

2:21 am, May 30, 2014 Please don't jump down my throat when I say this. IT IS JUST AN IDEA AND I WOULD LOVE FOR SOME HONEST FEEDBACK. So for T6 the devs increased the CR Requirement to dun the Alerts and Duos which is [..] View

For the Devs: DCUO vs Other MMOs & endgame content

2:21 am, May 21, 2014 This post is meant for the Devs, hopefully you devs take the time to understand what Im trying to explain here and my appreciation of the game. In this post I will talk about: 1. 1.The type of [..] View

The Bat Family

2:21 am, May 20, 2014 So, I'm in a pretty dedicated league slowly being revived called the Bat Family. We allow freedom, anything you want for your char as long as you look somewhat relative to the bat family. Also, if [..] View

Walk ins and buying feats ..

2:21 pm, May 12, 2014 What's the point in buying feats with replays if you have to lv through the content anyways ? I want no more walk ins because so many inexperience players with higher gear stoping other players progre [..] View

The Next Step After Eliminating Walk-Ins: Optional Level Sync

2:21 am, May 12, 2014 While there are half a dozen threads already discussing the eventual fallout from the decision to eliminate Walk-Ins in Update 37, I thought it might be time to look past that and towards the next log [..] View

Crashing problems

2:21 am, May 11, 2014 Crashes when I try to make my character all works fine until I get to the Costume then it crashes My solution to that was to skip it.. since i had planned on getting my sub going so I could get my c [..] View

Play my way - No more walk-ins

2:21 am, May 11, 2014 Why is there so much joy from some people that walk-ins will now have a CR requirement? Why do you elitist want everyone to play your way? All the complaints I see refer to how player dont like being [..] View

WM has ****** group bounties because of 'Contributed' damage.

2:21 pm, May 9, 2014 Within my many characters I have healers and trolls with different powers, some are still in lower level of tier 4/5, cr70-90. The introduction of WM and top end T5 gear and the new T6 means many play [..] View

The downside of Weapon Mastery

2:21 am, May 7, 2014 Before I say anything, I just wanted to say I love weapon mastery for pve content - its a whole new way of playing the game and it has put SP as a requirement pretty much to succeed. However there are [..] View

DCUO forced minimize when opened

2:21 pm, May 4, 2014 I run the lounchpad and click play, then the game window opens and is forced to minimize automatically. I try expand the window, it starts opening as if it is going to run well, but only a black scree [..] View

Request for minor changes to WM

2:21 pm, May 4, 2014 I really like the new WM system and the new innates; however, it seems to me that there are a few places things could be changed that would make this a better experience for everybody. 1. Timing ba [..] View

Can't put skill point supersonic.

2:21 pm, May 1, 2014 Though I meet the requirements. This never happened to me. Is this because of the new update? View

New t6 alert is broken

2:21 pm, May 1, 2014 You cannot CC the adds, the dom requirement must be insanely high or you guys forgot to put one in because thought bubble, phantom flames or horrific visage only do damage in controller stance. Than [..] View

WM not unlocking?

2:21 am, May 1, 2014 Ok maybe I'm missing something here but I cannot get the weapon mastery for brawling to unlock. It's still greyed out even after I have over the required points and moves all unlocked. Is there a leve [..] View

'The Bat-Crave' event the solution to everyones problems

2:21 pm, April 30, 2014 Almost every player that doesnt have it wants it, and almost every player that doesnt want (or doesnt wear it) has it YES im talking about the Batman-Inspired Mask BUT WAIT I have a solution that will [..] View

In-game League Application Menu Thingie

2:21 pm, April 27, 2014 Pretty sure people have already posted similar threads and I'm really sorry if you're tired seeing them. I don't know if all of you have played other MMOs besides DCUO but if you have, at least one [..] View

League Management menu - pre DLC8 suggestions

2:21 pm, April 27, 2014 Hi all. On the previous PS3 forums, I put forward this same thread (with images) for a League Management menu - I feel this could serve as a strong suggestion through for the pre-DLC8 league revamp. I [..] View

Game crashing

2:21 pm, April 25, 2014 Hello, I just started playing today and for the second time now the game has crashed entirely crashing my computer to the point where I have to restart by holding down the power button. the first tim [..] View

Lag In The Game

2:21 pm, April 19, 2014 Greetings. I have a problem, there is so much lag when i play (especially when i make a combo with the dual guns and when someone goes flying becomes slow and a "matrix" effect is ge [..] View

Why You Might Be Getting Kicked...the real truth

2:21 am, April 19, 2014 From time to time posts appear from people upset about getting kicked usually from high end raids supposedly unfairly. Often its attributed to them not having the highest gear or using some unorthodox [..] View

Give Teirs Their Unique Marks Back

2:21 am, April 17, 2014 So many people these days skip content to reach t5 but don't care about their SP, and with WM coming along changing T5 to MoT won't help people at all so keep T5 with MoV give T4 MoW back give T3 MoK [..] View

T6 requirements

2:21 pm, April 15, 2014 Now with DLC10 around the corner, T6 was revealed to have a CR requirement of 100. The original uproar over the gear prices higher than $2000 got resolved quick, but one issue remains: there is no way [..] View

No 50% off sale and a LOW armor vendor cr for a new tier dlc, really?

2:21 pm, April 13, 2014 When was the last time we were skipped on a half off sale for some corny substitute? There's probably a lot of people who are low on supplies and badges. ff14 (ps4) is out now for people who preorde [..] View

Thoughts from a Premium: T6 gear & cash cap... this is gonna hurt us

2:21 pm, April 10, 2014 Let me state where I am coming from in terms of DCUO gaming status before I go ahead to the main point: Ive been in the game for a bit more than 2 years. Nothing comparable to "launchers& [..] View

So the Skill Point requirement to use Weapon Mastery seems a bit ridiculous

2:21 pm, April 9, 2014 Don't really quite understand the reasoning of needing to invest 20sp in a tree before you can use WM. If the idea is that you need to invest that many points to 'master' the weapon, why not just mak [..] View

T6 makes T5 possible in 1 day..

2:21 am, April 2, 2014 Get a pug group or a league to walk you into Nexus , that probably will get you first 3 tier sets(SYNTHETIC MODS). Then With wave EO feat (wave welkin) get t4 set and boom t5. Then with a little push [..] View

saving dcuo part 2

2:21 pm, March 31, 2014 CONTENt OR LACK OF. this is a huge problem and leads to people taking breaks or loseing interest all together and quit. my solution is to simply recycle old alerts duos and raids. SPYTLE has said this [..] View

League bonuses and other league benefits - will we all be forced to be in a league?

2:21 am, March 30, 2014 I don't like the idea of league bonuses and all that. Why? Because not all of us like leagues. We shouldn't be forced to be in a league just to get a bonus. If leagues get bonuses, players not in leag [..] View

Out-gear Raids/Alerts to run them

2:21 am, March 30, 2014 This is mostly directed to the players who are already T5 geared, or T4 geared. I don't understand why you refuse to allow anyone in your groups that is below say cr100 (T5), for a raid/alerts, whos [..] View

Wow this game. Devs Please read. Gear related.

1:21 am, March 29, 2014 1. Ok so this problem somewhat relates to how trolls can't run content they are properly geared for because other players are too high level in gear. This is ridiculous and it might make me quit troll [..] View

Uninstall losing all DLC?

1:21 am, March 27, 2014 Due to new job requirements, I have to uninstall DCUO for a while. Will I lose all of my DLC purchased or characters created ? I won't be able to play due to these security restrictions for the work [..] View

Just a small gear suggestion

1:21 pm, March 26, 2014 From spending majority of my t5 time in Gotham wastelands I was heartbroken when the new 90 gear appeared in WOTL. -back in my day- 86 gear required cr 95 to purchase, so you spent a significant amou [..] View

WHAT DLC TO GET and Questions about TIERS!

1:21 pm, March 23, 2014 My character is cr 79 I have full t3 with some amazonian pieces. I only have DLC's 1,2,3 (Fight for the light, Lightning Strikes and Battle For Earth). I can only get one DLC atm, which one should I g [..] View

Style Replay and Dev $$$

1:21 pm, March 22, 2014 Three things have happened over the last little while that brought on this idea. 1: Feat Replays. Awesome, love it, top stuff. 2: Everyone cracked up about this booster bundle (including myself, i [..] View

DC Crash After Splash

1:21 am, March 19, 2014 I'm having the same problem a lot of people seem to be having, the game crashes after the logo bits. I've validated files, uninstalled and reinstalled, everything on my pc is up to date and my pc runs [..] View

Who's responsible

1:21 am, March 14, 2014 Ran a&b. Inspected the group everyone was at least full scion and 5 were inI the same league. Long story short the secondary troller did not know that light claws activated pot and that he wa [..] View

PUG league: would it work?

1:21 pm, March 12, 2014 I considered putting this into the LFL section, but decided that general gameplay discussion is probably more appropriate. So, would a PUG league work? This is what I mean by PUG league: not a league [..] View

Need Help! Getting 10 to 20 FPS in Raids

1:21 am, March 7, 2014 I have the new Surface Pro 2. My system Configuration is as follows: Processor: Intel i5-4300U 2.50 GHz Ram: 8 GB Graphic Card: Intel HD 4400 512 GB SSD Even at low resolution settings such [..] View

PS4 enaTiv eSports Needs Controller

1:21 am, March 3, 2014 DC universe PvE/PvP team looking for one more person. We need a 4th that can control. Current Roster: enaTiv karma - Ice - Tank enaTiv smashduck - Fire - DPS enaTiv tyrant - Nature - Healer (Controll [..] View

Fortified Exobytes Are Worthless

1:21 am, March 3, 2014 Here are the three mods you can craft with a fortified exobyte: 1. Dominance 2. Health 3. Dominance & Health Both controller and tank gear sets will provide you with sufficient Dominance t [..] View

[DCUO] System Requirements (PC) for DC Universe Online

1:21 am, February 28, 2014 System Requirements (PC) Here are the current minumum PC system requirements to run DC Universe Online. Operating System: Windows XP SP3 (32-bit) CPU / Processor: P4 3.0GHz or AMD equivalent RAM [..] View

Synthetic Heroes!

1:21 pm, February 25, 2014 Synthetic mods have been great for the game, although I only use them for PvP gear - they speed up the leveling of alts especially. However, more and more T5 players are using these mods to save the [..] View

MP Trinkets: Soulless Henchmen, Mummy Sidekick

1:21 pm, February 19, 2014 If we get enough likes, maybe the Devs will see this. If people actually reply enough, maybe the thread will stay up long enough to get enough likes. So... If you'd like to see this, or even if you ca [..] View

Open plea to Devs: integrate Last Laugh with the base game

1:21 pm, February 19, 2014 Good morning Devs and fellow forum users, I have experienced every DLC and pretty much enjoyed them all, each to their extent. I appreciate new content coming around every X months and I think the d [..] View

Improvements to DCUO

1:21 am, February 19, 2014 Just a few things me and my league mates thought of to add / improve the game . For new styles they could add stuff with camo designs and you still pick the color just give it the camo pattern . a clo [..] View

So with Tier 6 gear...

1:21 pm, February 16, 2014 Ok now that many ppl have level 90 and basically 3-4 manning Nex / dox do you think when tier 6 that we will be EVEN TOO POWERFUL...and the game will be really easy. I read some the devs response to t [..] View

Very slow FPS and choppy, but my system exceed the requirements

1:21 pm, February 15, 2014 Hi, I've recently updated my Graphics Card and my monitor from a nVidia GT 220 to a Sapphire Radeon HD 6850 and from a 1280x1024 resolution to a 1920x1080 resolution. I checked my benchmarks on CanY [..] View

Balancing out the Scion of Ion armor requirements

1:21 pm, February 14, 2014 Ok, so the new t5.5/ t6 armor just came out, and it's pretty darn powerful. However, I soon noticed that it costs the same as prideful, and has the same CR requirement! This allows new t5 players to s [..] View

Subscribers deserve more value..& get rid of Premium...

1:21 am, February 13, 2014 Premium should not be playable compared to Legendary...but it is (I have a premium account that can do 99% of my Legendary account thanks to mail). As a subscriber i think that sucks! the more I think [..] View

The anomaly with the anomalies

1:21 pm, February 12, 2014 First off, I'd been hoping for PvE with legends toons forevs... So I'm super stoked that we have this things (truly the only reason I bought Origin Crisis DLC... AFTER WotL popped) and before this thr [..] View

Please pass this on!

1:21 pm, February 11, 2014 Ever since Assault and Battery came out, i've been running it on average 10 times a day. Guess I finally found a use for my thousands of replay badges I first did it at CR 99, back when they were fir [..] View

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