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Do Weapons Matter?

2:21 pm, October 19, 2014 So I've been contemplating my third character and I've spent time actually debating this question in my head: do weapons actually matter? Does one weapon do more damage than another or are they all t [..] View

Dear Devs: About The 'Accidental Perfection' Feat...

2:21 am, October 16, 2014 ... are we missing something? I don't need you to tell me what it is specifically ... I'd just like to know if there really is some sort of graphical/audial/numerical hint that exists for getting th [..] View

Dcuo Revolution

2:21 pm, October 14, 2014 Dcuo , hear me! Believe me when I say we have a difficult time ahead of us. But if we are to be prepared for it, we must first shed our fear of it. I stand here, before you now, truthfully unafraid. [..] View

Tip: DCUO on Mac and Ubuntu

2:21 pm, October 13, 2014 Sup guys, I posted something similar to this for EQ2 here, so I'll just copy, update and paste the information below. Right now I will focus most of my time on EQ2, but I'll switch back to DC nex [..] View

The Cash Cap Should Not Be Removed But...

2:21 am, October 11, 2014 Greetings all, I have some stuff to say regarding, the current premium cash cap. I will start out by saying that I understand the fundamental NEED for the cash cap. I understand it's purpose. I know t [..] View

Nature AM GU41 still no fix for Escalating Might??

2:21 am, October 7, 2014 So it's almost 2 years and still some powers do not work with escalating might. There has been many changes to the power set but somehow the Devs seem to always neglect the broken stuff. With Gu41 yo [..] View

I'm angry. I'm very angry.

2:21 pm, October 6, 2014 That there are no mentor respec tokens. I'm going to keep my cool, but how is it that I have a Magic character that has never been in the Oblivion Bar? Granted, he uses Celestial, but still. And then [..] View

How to survive the no PVP in PVE change

2:21 am, October 4, 2014 Okay so like a lot of other players, myself included, you hit level 30 a while back and ran straight to the Magic wing and bought a full set of gear off of Aguaman and immediately found yourself a [..] View

Fumigator Feat

2:21 pm, October 3, 2014 I am on PS4. I am flight, but I have the speed boots collected from a vault drop. I go into the room with the valves and no matter what I do, I can't get this feat. I can complete it in well under 6 [..] View

PvP Legends Characters and Skimming

2:21 am, October 3, 2014 Now before you say "they mentioned it in the video" im aware, just keep reading cuz they didnt speak on the the purpose of this thread. If youve seen the preview video of skimming you [..] View

Why You Are Out of Power (Hint: It's not the troller)

2:21 am, October 2, 2014 I've been a power-set jumper & an Alt junkie for quite some time now. The beauty of it is that it allows you to see the game from every perspective - tanking, healing, dps'ing .... and trollin [..] View

Why are some names just now invalid from character creation?

2:21 pm, October 1, 2014 So lately I have tried to get character names with "Thanos" in it but it is now invalid, no matter what you do. But some people already have names with Thanos in it which I assume they [..] View

a word to healers

2:21 am, October 1, 2014 Supreme MonarchJust dont ever hybrid again. I know.. I was ince was one but I woke up from a delusion. Btw, if you cant solo heal by now, you should give up. You're all obsolete as a class in itself. [..] View

PEW PEW T-Shirt!!! Best idea ever!

2:21 am, September 30, 2014 I'd buy it or farm doesn't matter. Tank-top would also be awesome. Make it so we can pick the colors. Also it would be awesome if it had a 70's vibe sports T with the sleeves and neck trimmed in color [..] View

Legends : PvP

2:21 pm, September 28, 2014 I Recently Purchased Kyle Rayner To Play On Legends & Now I Realize That Its Better To Have Pvp Gear For Legends ? WHATTTTT ? If Im Not Playing As My Own TOON, Then My Gear Shouldnt Matter .. [..] View

Booster Bundle not satisfied

2:21 am, September 28, 2014 Hi everyone, I'm gonna give my opinion on the Booster Bundle. Not qqing just simply it is what it is. Now the Booster Bundle is 1000 station cash/market place coins that's around $10. Radar Enhancers [..] View

Using Census for the benefit of all

2:21 am, September 22, 2014 Using Census for the benefit of all I've been reading the various kinds of feedback on the tools Sore and I have been working on lately, from grateful and kind words to frustrations and concerns. So [..] View

It's that time again for another Vault sucks thread.

2:21 am, September 19, 2014 So.... My light toon has been in need of a Sinestro Hoodie since I made her. It's like I'm cursed because I keep getting GL Hoodies, Superboy Hoodies, Two-face hoodies but never the hoodie that matt [..] View

If so many players hate the census apps...

2:21 pm, September 17, 2014 why not group together with each other rather than simply decry being kicked from player groups where people do want SP/CR? the only answer [other than entitlement] is that you must know you can't get [..] View

The mess that is the AM combo

2:21 pm, September 16, 2014 Just to be clear - this is not about damage potential but rather how the combo AM fundamentally works. This is a bigger issue on Rage and Celestial since most of their combos are only 2 hit combos. [..] View

[REQUEST] Please remove the Proximity-Factor from Feats and Loot for active Participants

2:21 pm, September 15, 2014 A loooong while ago I posted on the archived PC Bug-forum about not getting loot for a boss-fight, when one was knocked out, respawned and didn't get back in time. I brought up this topic later again, [..] View


2:21 pm, September 14, 2014 How come I always hear sp doesn't matter but when u out dps someone that has better gear then u. That's the first question they ask. View

Most interesting base item you've found?

2:21 pm, September 9, 2014 Hey everyone, just curious what really neat items you've found I might have to look forward to, pics or descriptions, doesn't matter to me. The most seemingly rare drop I've found so far is the funho [..] View

A minor gripe

2:21 am, September 9, 2014 As much as I love this game, and I do. I have found a few things that I want to put out there that, personally, bug me. 1. The "Teen" shape for characters. Why do they have to look l [..] View

Just got my first toon to level 30

2:21 am, September 9, 2014 And I was looking for advise on what to do now. I need gear upgrades big time, and Im following the story line for missions, so any advise and info would be much appreciated. Also I thought I read the [..] View

Base Item Packs & Why I Will Not Be Supporting Them

2:21 am, September 7, 2014 Hey all! A little bit of explanation is in order... There's been over 140 dissatisfied replies to Mepp's post announcing the Base Item Packs and his explanation that they are one-time purchases and [..] View

STOP revamping one role at a time...............

2:21 pm, September 4, 2014 Game update 40 is here and the new flavor of the month is Gadgets, the controller class. Since DCUO has become so heavily DPS centric and every one wants to be top DPS because this will some how impro [..] View

CC immunity and hard counters

2:21 am, September 3, 2014 One particular thing about counters that has always seemed way off base is a players ability to break a standard control effect , or any for that matter, and still manage to get a hard counter. It's [..] View

Higher Vit = POT=> Misleading Advice at Best

2:21 am, September 2, 2014 So does VETs Trollers still advice Newcomers higher VIT MUST POT, This Dude kept ranting me non stop: "Higher Vit Must Always pot, that's like in every guide and is basic 101 for Trolling [..] View

Range Tapping in Duos. Why?

2:21 am, September 1, 2014 Seems to be a somewhat odd trend I see in Duos. I have been matched with partners that will only just tap range on their weapon. Maybe use a trait here or there but the majority of what they do is jus [..] View

The biggest issue w/ this game is trying to create balance when the player base aren't equal

2:21 am, August 29, 2014 There will never be balance no matter how much they Nerf powers , weapons & etc when there is such a huge gap in players ability. I said it many times, instead of instituting all these huge [..] View

Damage taken category?

2:21 am, August 27, 2014 Alright, so I know in raids everyone wants to be the guy at the top, who did the most damage. Now, i'm a tank and I never get on top of any leaderboard (Damage out, Healing out, Power out) and it kind [..] View

New powers

2:21 am, August 26, 2014 I think the new powers discussed at SOELive are bad ideas except for Atomic, but I like the fact that we are getting new powers. I think these powers would be better than the new powers. -Wind: Contr [..] View

With WM solo troller is mathematically sound

2:21 am, August 22, 2014 You know the thing that always made DC particularly unique from other MMO's is that, we have to have someone else give us the ability to use our abilities, such as a controller. I think we can all agr [..] View

So, I'd like to discuss this data...rationally, please

2:21 am, August 21, 2014 This graph was posted by Spytle in another thread, which was locked due to going off-topic. I thought it appropriate to create a specific, on-topic thread to discuss it. I understand that the Dev [..] View

Max damage mod is God send

2:21 pm, August 20, 2014 Max damage mod is good thing, it allows people to make unique rotations instead of every power having just one optimal one. As a celestial player I cant wait to use the cursed tree and be able to have [..] View

All three new powers

2:21 pm, August 18, 2014 I may be greedy but since they are releasing the powers separate from the raids, I wish they would real ease all the new powers in one dlc. The one thing I hate about new powers is when they come out [..] View

dcuo where work happens

2:21 am, August 16, 2014 Sup it's your favorite dcuo merc, DEADLY MERCENARY and today I just want to give the devs some credit. I know at times us the community are some major ******** like frfr I recently realized how much [..] View

Why Max Damage DEVS?

2:21 am, August 16, 2014 The game really is going to the noob players... They created a white mod called Max Damage, now every player will recive 60% damage. They ****** forever powers like Mass Detonation, Fireburst, Tac [..] View

Legendary Membership perks

2:21 pm, August 15, 2014 Im sure there is another thread on this topic but i want to ask a certain question and also to make a more recent thread on the matter. Seeing as how auras are on the marketplace now as we all know t [..] View

Artifacts from the Past hotfix Q

2:21 am, August 14, 2014 Operations Artifacts from the Past Slightly increased the amount of time, in a boss fight, between a boom tube opening and when an enemy will appear from it. Does this means the feat has been fix [..] View

Silent Hunter - someone PLEASE explain this to me

2:21 am, August 14, 2014 Either this is bugged or I am clearly not doing it right. The instructions state: disable the 3 consoles without alerting the mobsters. The only way to reach any of the consoles is to fight a coup [..] View

Changes To Sidekick

2:21 pm, August 12, 2014 This feature in the game is a lot of fun and can be pretty handy sometimes. However, I would love it if we could have a little more customization over them, besides which weapon they have. I'm not sug [..] View

Everyone has a role - LEARN THEM ALL

2:21 pm, August 12, 2014 I don't care if you want to play a tank or not, I don't care if you want to play a troller or not, I don't care if you want to play a healer or not - EVERYONE has a role, and EVERYONE needs to underst [..] View

Something is still off with rewards

2:21 am, August 12, 2014 I fully support how the devs decided to handle loot drops in this DLC, BUT something is still missing. Turn up the drops on other things like the 6.3 mods or rarer base items. SOMETHING! I have spamme [..] View

I Don't Want To Join Your League Hall

2:21 am, August 11, 2014 Why do leagues get all of the cool buffs or power sets? When the lairs base mainframe trinkets hasn't been updated since the release of Home Turf which was released in January 2013? They put a ridic [..] View

DLC 11 Feats.

2:21 am, August 11, 2014 I need little help in regards to a couple of the feats in dlc 11. In Breach theres a feat where u have to complete certain tasks such as not letting the bugs or druggs complete bombs or steal prisione [..] View

a question for fellow tanks and/or devs

2:21 am, August 10, 2014 I was running lockdown tonight as a tank and so was one of my league mates he's ice and I'm rage. My dom is 1502 and his is higher. He was using frost snipe and I was using my regular pull. He was hav [..] View

It's dark in here!

2:21 am, August 8, 2014 In my Tech base the main lights are off since the recent GU. Other base types seem Ok. Can someone shed any light on the matter - or just my tech base....? View


2:21 am, August 8, 2014 Yes i understand some players have been having trouble with the new content, i myself have as well. The alerts and the necropolis raid are relatively easy but the other 2 raids have me on edge. But pl [..] View

Can't Stand Anywhere Glitch

2:21 pm, August 6, 2014 Hi All, I had just finished a Shady Nightclub Duo when I was loaded into the watchtower...or rather outside of it. I was basically falling below the watchtower, and upon some investigation online fo [..] View

How to redeem DLC bought from Steam?

2:21 pm, August 6, 2014 I bought the Lightning Strikes DLC from Steam just now and no matter where I look on my account, I can't find a key or anything to redeem it in the game. Where do I get find the redeem key? View

How this game should have been...

2:21 pm, August 5, 2014 Started a New toon the other day, was in need of a tank, so this will be my 2nd support role toon. Anyhoo, I was going through and noticing how stupidly similar the leveling grind is no matter what Me [..] View

W.I.P New UI

2:21 am, August 4, 2014 Can we expect a W.I.P thread for the new UI anytime soon, or is that far down the road? Even if it is not coming until next year there are alot of things us players want from the new UI. Here are a [..] View

Question on WM


What you Don't understand about Prestige.

2:21 am, July 27, 2014 I have been reading all of these league halls & prestige threads, and what I have seen is that most of you just do not understand the system at all. You guys have taken the surface of the syst [..] View

Controls Unresponsive

2:21 am, July 25, 2014 No matter what character I log onto, even a fresh new one, I can't move. I can attack with the mouse clicks, access in-game menus, and do anything except move. I've validated the game assets, tried re [..] View

Prestige in plain language?

2:21 pm, July 24, 2014 I was hoping some would be able to give me pointers on prestige generation and some misconceptions. So far I've figured out that filling your base with as many items as possible on all of your chara [..] View

League Halls locations

2:21 am, July 24, 2014 I seem to remember reading something about no matter what location you pick you will still get the standardd crater or sea view. If that's so why even have a location choice? Why not just a crater or [..] View

Gotham Otisburg Flight Challenge Please MOVE IT

2:21 am, July 22, 2014 So, I admit, it's been over a year since I last played, mostly because I can't keep up with the DLC costs and packs were too much and frequent to justify since I don't play that often. I came back be [..] View

Question About The Rare Style Vendor

2:21 pm, July 21, 2014 If I recall correctly the only style added to the Rare Style Vendor since it came out has been the Polemarch armor from AF Part 1. I think there was something said along the lines of other styles bein [..] View

Username Resets

2:21 am, July 20, 2014 I think its about time to have a username wipe. I'm not saying all active players loose their name and then someone comes along and steals it. Basically mods alert everyone about the reset and set li [..] View

History Repeats Itself For The Fire Community

2:21 am, July 19, 2014 It is rather disappointing to be honest. The utter irony of it all gets to me. It angers me. Did the Devs not even acknowledge the mistakes they made in the first fire revamp. A year and 4 months ago, [..] View

kicking people, too much player power

2:21 am, July 14, 2014 I know this has come up but obviously someone needs to make an adjustment (developers). In a matter of 1 hour I was kicked twice from instances. I can say with all honesty I was doing my part to help [..] View

"Name has been taken"

2:21 am, July 10, 2014 This is just a thread about the matter of taking a name and never playing on the guy ever or even turning on the game in 3 years. I know everyone had those moments where they want to make a charact [..] View

Healers out dpsing dps

2:21 am, July 10, 2014 Don't worry, this is not a qq about healers having more dps output than regular dps. I'm just merely curious how this happens. Is the power set mostly celestial? More SP? I am a 105 cr sorcery dps, an [..] View

Survival Mode Set up Idea's

2:21 am, July 8, 2014 After reading a few Survival Mode Set up threads i decided to go at it and look at things from a Different perspective. I'm proposing a unique way to build a group instead of basing it on CR and who i [..] View

Buying styles on alts with replays

2:21 am, July 7, 2014 So we have the ability to buy feats on alts, but whn it comes to the style feats your left wondering what pieces you have of that style if you bought the feat. Unless you go in each tab and look for t [..] View

Suggestion: Buying styles with replays

2:21 pm, July 6, 2014 So we have the ability to buy feats on alts, but whn it comes to the style feats your left wondering what pieces you have of that style if you bought the feat. Unless you go in each tab and look for t [..] View

Sad state in this community...

2:21 am, July 5, 2014 Greetings. I qued in to Paradox wave. We wiped the first time. So I decided to get on the mic to explain the mechanics to my teammates. I as a women, do not not like using voice chat. Because of bad [..] View

Ok... For Real Tho: Is The Fire Revamp In GU39?

2:21 pm, July 4, 2014 I've seen no mention of it anywhere by a Dev. I distinctly remember the Fire revamp being slanted to happen in this update. Is it or naaww..... I have many threads and opinions on the matter... Ed [..] View

[REQUEST] Please refrain from char-specific designs and focus more on account-specific features

2:21 pm, July 4, 2014 I would like to ask the Dev-team to take a new direction for the way they introduce new stuff to the game and maybe also alter old stuff to make it fit to that new way. I think the game is in a lot [..] View

Your noob stories

2:21 pm, July 4, 2014 So there's all this constant talk of how bad players are in this game because they understand so little about it, or how good one's self is, but does anyone remember how clueless or bad they were when [..] View


2:21 pm, July 3, 2014 Hello, can anyone help (besides redirecting me to customer support) i got problem after migration (i was EU and Pro7 till yesterday), and when i finished migration i played a little then yesterday i h [..] View

Revel in Villainy/Heroism

2:21 am, July 3, 2014 When playing as a villain, I would love to earn a reputation represented by infamy. What this would mean is I can (at some point) expect a random encounter from one of the DC icons that has been assig [..] View

Acts of Kindness - Heres your thanks

2:21 pm, June 30, 2014 NOTE: This is a long post, I get it. I don't need the input on that. If you feel like a bit of a story, read on. If not, there are other threads to look at, thanks! --------------------------------- [..] View

Son of a.... Freedom!!!!!

2:21 am, June 30, 2014 Dang nab it! I was perfectly fine being as strong as everyone else buuuuuuuuut noooooo, f in league halls! Dont get me wrong I used to be in a league but over time things started to break us down, oth [..] View

Hit another milestone!!! :D

2:21 pm, June 27, 2014 After finishing ALL dueling feats, breaking 1000 chests, finishing all my collections, getting 5+ styles finished, I was able to finally hit my goal and achieve 180 SP. I would not have been able to a [..] View

List of things we requested and the devs delivered..

2:21 pm, June 26, 2014 I continue to see these QQ threads of "debs don't listen, wah"... So I figured we can use a list of things the devs have done for us... - bases - hard light powers - gravity powers (n [..] View

WM and Support Roles

2:21 pm, June 26, 2014 Hi all, new player looking for a little feedback. Ok, so for various reasons, I don't like Weapon Mastery and as a result I will be concentrating on my support role toons. My question to you is, [..] View

Panic and Encasement effects

2:21 am, June 26, 2014 In a recent test build, the knockback on Gadgets Vortex Cannon was adjusted because the devs were getting feedback from the community. A quote from spord from the testing feedback forums, These change [..] View

All SP/feats should be obtainable

2:21 pm, June 25, 2014 This thread is for two purposes: #1 is to ask the devs that they at least openly acknowledge the problem about the reacue PvP map, or give us some information. #2 SPs should have equal treatment t [..] View

Suggested DLC packs

2:21 am, June 24, 2014 I'm wondering what you all suggest for DLC packs. I got the Ultimate Edition, so I have the first four DLCs and have a CR of 75. I'm working on getting the stag gear to bring up my CR, I only have the [..] View

Instant power healing is gluttony

2:21 am, June 23, 2014 As a troll, I don't even need to begin to explain my less than pleasant encounters in the game. Everyone has an opinion on how to troll and insists on conformity. The instant power healing, imo, det [..] View

AG Xbox controller ("B" will only Block)

2:21 am, June 21, 2014 I'm using an Afterglow Xbox 360 controller wired and I can't get the "B" (Red) button to do anything but "block". All other functions work, but the "B" [..] View

The Truth As I See It: Awesome Mechanic's Exclusion Rules

2:21 am, June 21, 2014 I've written a lot on this matter in the last 2-ish days. So much so, that I feel the need to put it all in one place in a semi orderly and respectful fashion. Dot Stacking as an Awesome Mechanic?: [..] View

At my breaking point...

2:21 pm, June 20, 2014 I have tried just being patient and seeing if this fixed itself on its own, but apparently not. I can't 100% tell you the error i'm having because I've never seen this occur in any mmo I have ever pl [..] View

Question from a new player about combos

2:21 am, June 17, 2014 Greetings, I have only been playing a day now, but enjoy the game. Bought the Earth DLC to build an earth tankn. I have searched here and on the net, but yet have to find the answer to this question [..] View

Anyone else lose stats??

2:21 am, June 14, 2014 Hello every1, hope ya doing alright. Well I'm posting this to see if any1 else has lost any type of stats on their toon. This past week after I got my 7th T6 gear I was at 4158 might and 1988 prec. An [..] View

Bit the bullet.....

2:21 pm, June 12, 2014 And made a rage toon to try tanking. I am a little lost though, and need some advice. I am level 20 at the moment and trying to learn the role. This will be my first tank..... Sometimes when using a [..] View

So DEVs, when are you ever going to make Dominance.......

2:21 pm, June 3, 2014 a crowd control resistance stat for tanks? Are we always going to get stunned, juggled and encased by adds no matter what even if our required dominance for w/e were running is way over whats its as [..] View

Tired of complainers on this site...

2:21 pm, June 2, 2014 If you don't like it don't play as simple as that, everyone doesn't care. I'd like to start off with this. No one cares if your not having a challenge, no one cares if you like this game to stick like [..] View

Question about why my armory won't activate...

2:21 pm, June 1, 2014 Hi everyone, something weird kept happening today with my armory. I was trying to switch to my troller armory but it wouldn't activate. It had that big red circle on it when I brought up my armories m [..] View

Does this game need Expert mods?

2:21 pm, May 30, 2014 Since GMs run around with expert mods it's kinda confirmed we will see expert plans sometime soon in the game (with DLC11 my guess) Do we really need them? Is there any sort of reason why that boost [..] View

GU37 Earth Update We Still Have Concerns and No Communication

2:21 am, May 30, 2014 I am only taking this out to the General chat because at this point the Work In Progress Thread for earth is a HUGE fail...... We have only ever had 2 devs post in that thread ... Spord at the begi [..] View

It's Over For Two-Handed(Again)

2:21 pm, May 26, 2014 With the recent addition of weapon mastery, it almost ****** any possibility of Two-Handed ever even possibly getting better in combat. I had an idea of what Two-Handed could possibly be like if the D [..] View

GU36/WM helped fire, but we still need a revamp

2:21 am, May 26, 2014 I've been fire since forever and shield is my weapon of choice. Imagine my preGU36 days. But GU36/WM has helped a lot. Instead of the same old rotation no matter the situation I can switch it up as [..] View

Soda limit..

2:21 am, May 26, 2014 Not that it really matters but this is never addressed. Since the start we have only been able to hold 12 sodas (of any kind) at 1 time. Why can this not increase? maybe to 99? that's failing the 3 [..] View

Green Aura help

2:21 am, May 24, 2014 Could anybody please, help me get a green aura?? hahaha I know it may be asking too much, but I hate how getting items in the game is a matter of luck most of the times :c and I have really bad luck View

Let me buy Digital Invasion Styles for 100k MoT Each

2:21 pm, May 23, 2014 Please? I can't get the damn legs no matter how hard I try. No feats related to this style. Give us a new Triumph mark sink which is just for fun. If the cap can't be raised, then I will pay 65,00 [..] View

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