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Merit token prestige nerfed ???

2:21 pm, October 15, 2014 I transmuted few marks int merit token and just noticed there is no prestige value on any of them ! Is that a bug or or a new prestige nerf ? I mean the tokens had really low prestige value so if ner [..] View

The Beginning Of All Weapon Mastery Being Nerfed

2:21 am, October 15, 2014 https://forums.station.sony.com/dcuo/index.php?threads/server-hotfix-october-14-2014.224456/MeppsWeapon Mastery In response to community feedback we have lowered the DPS output of short Weapon Mastery [..] View

Shielding skills are useless now.

2:21 pm, October 11, 2014 After GU 41 they nerfed shielding from 100 to 25% in PVP, and i was a little mad. Now i found my shield get nerfed in PVE too. Before shields was strong as my stat, now shields breaks in 4-5 hits. [..] View

Why Are Huge Game Issues That Reach Player Critical Mass Are Ignored But Niche Issues Are Addressed?

2:21 am, October 11, 2014 Can anyone explain that? How do some in game issues last well over a year get completely ignored or just kicked down the road with vague non-answers but something that is potentially beneficial to pla [..] View

And Just like that GU 41 is ruined

2:21 am, October 10, 2014 I was loving GU 41 it brought the fun back to pvp, new gear to attain, safe house rescue now back and pvp was balanced again at least in my view. Then One dude made a thread crying and bam Lair battle [..] View

No More Support Roles For PVP

2:21 am, October 8, 2014 This new pvp upgrade just kilt nature healing. The healing nerf has destroyed nature healing making this power absolutely useless for pvp. Celestial still has a 35% healing supercharge that they can u [..] View

It's time bring the speed and skill back...undo GU36

2:21 am, September 20, 2014 The whole WM experiment was cute and everything but I think we can all see that people HATE the WM combat system, and its probably driven and bored away more players then any other recent development [..] View

devs hurting their own longevity?

2:21 pm, September 19, 2014 Think about it.. since the inception of replay badges, which were created to ensure people got their weekly raids in, has anything been created to help longevity of the game. Crafting was introduced a [..] View

Artifact NERFED!!! When will it stop???

2:21 am, September 17, 2014 Why does anything that has Any kind of a chellenge constantly Nerfed? View

Die Allianz - Prime Battleground in Tier Two Gear

2:21 am, September 14, 2014 Hello fellow DCUO-players! I hope you're doing fine and games like Destiny didn't draw you away. After our last run which was Nexus of Reality in Tier 3 Kryptonian Gear we got some great feedback [..] View

Does Light need to be buffed?

2:21 pm, September 7, 2014 Ok, so i was in a Necro today and was at 2nd spot DPS-wise. The guy at number 1 told me to not use light cos it was 'low tier' for damage. So heres my question: is light bad in terms of damage? Is it [..] View

Shield Broken Please Fix

2:21 am, September 6, 2014 Shield the magnum shot portion of the shield was accidentally nerfed. it only does half as much damage as it used to please fix this. it was the longest combo in the game and was far from over power [..] View

Calling all Healers!!

2:21 am, September 6, 2014 So I'm going to ask people here just to see if anyone can update me on this. I've had a few healers tell me that healing was nerfed?? Then someone said it's only nerfed for PvP?? If anyone can bring m [..] View

HL Nerf

2:21 pm, September 4, 2014 So the devs nerfed Entrap for Hardlight but did not fix Fan's AOE? Took away the most viable AOE that Hardlight has, but did not fix the ONE precision based move that Hardlight DPS have for AOE.... [..] View

Fire Tank heals broken

2:21 am, September 4, 2014 I have a 108 CR Fire Tank on USPS, today my heals were severally broken, ranging from 50 to 75% decrease. My self heals and healing received were completely wrong. My own resto is a tick above 3000, a [..] View

Paradox Wave

2:21 pm, September 1, 2014 I ran Paradox Wave today and it was soooooo hard. I see threads all the time saying that they nerfed it so before it must have been undo able. I just want to thank my team who stayed even though we fa [..] View

WM combo ninja-nerfed???

2:21 pm, August 28, 2014 Since yesterday - right after last hotfix - I discovered to my great annoyance that my favorite handblaster distance weapon mastery combo (right mouse button hold-tap-hold) does a LOT less damage than [..] View

I think it's about time this got said.

2:21 pm, August 23, 2014 I see so many threads now days where people are crying about the "make up" of raids and alerts" etc. People complaining because they want 1-1-1-1 or 2-2-2-2 or 1-1-5-1 Real [..] View

Max damage mod is God send

2:21 pm, August 20, 2014 Max damage mod is good thing, it allows people to make unique rotations instead of every power having just one optimal one. As a celestial player I cant wait to use the cursed tree and be able to have [..] View

My Opinion from 1 Month of DCUO (Cont.)

2:21 am, August 19, 2014 TL;DR: i am the great mighty poo and i am going to throw my ~*CURSE WORD*~ at you I would like to share my unbiased opinion on the state of DCUO as someone that has played the game from start to end [..] View

My Opinion from 1 month of DCUO

2:21 pm, August 18, 2014 TL;DR: i am the great mighty poo and i am going to throw my s##t at you I would like to share my unbiased opinion on the state of DCUO as someone that has played the game from start to end in only [..] View


2:21 pm, August 14, 2014 So i saw sptyle say zero discussion on nerfing any dlc11 content but theres a hotfix 2night that nerfs the shadow enhancement in necro and slowing down the time between boom tunes and how fast adds co [..] View

Halls of Power, CR, and You.

2:21 pm, August 11, 2014 When Amazon Fury was released, people looked at the content and after a little bit, began to breeze through a majority of the content during the duos and alerts because they felt it was "too e [..] View

Does anyone know if there are planes to speed up and vary combat?

2:21 pm, July 31, 2014 Hope you guys don't mind my asking, I kinda stopped following this game after weapon mastery and the normalization of weapons and powers. From what I was led to believe maximum damage was supposed to [..] View

History Repeats Itself For The Fire Community

2:21 am, July 19, 2014 It is rather disappointing to be honest. The utter irony of it all gets to me. It angers me. Did the Devs not even acknowledge the mistakes they made in the first fire revamp. A year and 4 months ago, [..] View

The Cruel Joke: Nature

2:21 pm, July 12, 2014 Here's my Experience with Nature: Nature Strarted as an efficient Power that refreshed Dots & Shifted Forms.. REVAMPED NATURE: Harvest now refreshed DoTs on single targets and Voracious pla [..] View


2:21 pm, July 10, 2014 WTF? They're saying Relentless Anger is getting nerfed so rage crash will no longer exist for DPS rage users? Wtf.... View

My Opinion On What Should Have Been Left Out Of U38

2:21 am, July 6, 2014 First of all this is my opinion so feel free to agree or disagree. Now I am not mental or atleast I haven't been in a while but I believe that making Mass Terror cancel Weapon Mastery while active sho [..] View

GU38 Celestials

2:21 am, July 1, 2014 Brief explaination of changes: They lowered Precision buffs from +45 to +15. However, with the new Generator mods you get +96 permanently to your statswhen you stack the Prec v.6.2 mods. PLUS the +15 [..] View

happy, hippolyta?

2:21 pm, June 30, 2014 This needs to be nerfed, the bosses wipe your ally out in a few seconds and that's if it doesn't **** you in a few seconds The bosses health defence is to high and out ally health and defence is to lo [..] View

Crying for nerfs really needs to stop.

2:21 pm, June 23, 2014 I just wanted to say I think it's time the crying for nerfs stopped. It's like every second thread now days is a cry for something to be nerfed and it seems to be stemming from being upset each powe [..] View

Robot Sidekick Universe Online?

2:21 am, June 23, 2014 Since WM came out, more and more powers are being forced into using that annoying Robot Sidekick instead of their powers' unique pseudo-pet powers. My nature toon looks like a nature toon and his po [..] View

No more DLCs. No more Updates. Balance, Debugg and Stabilize DCUO FIRST!!!

2:21 am, June 22, 2014 Over the last week while taking advantage of the summer sale, I did multiple Themyscira Divided runs as different might based powers ( powers I assumed to be might based). Mental, sorcery, and quantum [..] View

Reasoning Behind T6 Iconic Solo Nerfs

2:21 pm, June 5, 2014 completely unnecessary and executed the wrong way. a few reason i can think of why they did this. first reason is they wanted to make the solos shorter in which case the correct way of doing it w [..] View

Devs need to do something about nerf threads

2:21 pm, May 31, 2014 This is seriously getting old Devs. You guys say nerf threads are not allowed yet from the opening of this forum I have seen many a threads saying to nerf powers, weapons, or content. It is time t [..] View

Devs, please restore Nexus of Reality and Paradox Wave to their original difficulty.

2:21 pm, May 18, 2014 I don't know if this has been asked already. if so, I apologize. I don't check the forums often. I'd like to ask the devs to please consider restoring both Origin Crisis DLC raids back to their orig [..] View

Is DCUO getting too easy? I'm very worried.

2:21 pm, May 16, 2014 Today, I've had enough. Today, I witnessed a Tank in the new T6 Alert get lazy and actually want to skip enemies that are suppose to hinder our progress, but they do not. When a Tank decides to get la [..] View

1h wm combos

2:21 am, May 12, 2014 Why is it that,the higher my stats get the less my wm combos hit for ? Or waz 1 handed nerfed so now I hAve to get 70 more marks rite wtf !! View

I hate the solos, TBH

2:21 pm, May 9, 2014 First I tried it only once, and the open world content was way better, but this content overlaps with DLC WoL, Does that mean DLC 10 was true T6? While this DCUO is now recreational for me. Although, [..] View

Do Seasonals Need a Nerf?

2:21 pm, May 7, 2014 So to be clear right off the bat I don't mean the content should be nerfed but rather high level players. I ran the seasonal twice today on my two main toons and once Swamp Thing got into the gas it [..] View

A MMO Vet's GU36 Opinion

2:21 am, May 2, 2014 Hey guys, my thoughts on this new updated. Keep in mind that I started playing MMO RPGS when the 1st everyquest came out. The difficulty of content on DCUO has never been there. 1st. I play gadgets [..] View

Update 36: Equality

2:21 pm, April 29, 2014 We will not go quietly into the night! We will not vanish without a fight! We're going to live on!. What if a Electric Player dreamed of becoming something other than what society had intended? What [..] View

Stop the Ignorance...

2:21 pm, April 28, 2014 If this game seems to easy, if it seems like boring, no fun, challenging content, and you want to know why? Just take a look at LFG. "need 100+ roles for sniper and medic feat." &# [..] View

solo troll everything

2:21 pm, April 20, 2014 b4 90 gear came out trolls was soloing nexus, and dox with 1900 or 2000 vit, and i know beause around this time nexus and dox was still hard and worth wild to beat and i was just 85 cr and always a b [..] View

Silly Answers to Frequently Asked DCUO Gameplay Questions

2:21 pm, April 16, 2014 Disclaimer: The answers are not intended to be serious, they might not even be true. Premium Cash Cap Can we please have the cash cap removed? - No How about raised to 10k? - No How abo [..] View

I still don't get it

2:21 am, April 15, 2014 Balance i still don't understand how they will do it. personally i think the devs should just buffs all the non FOTM powers then bam you got balance but instead they nerfed all weapons - handblasters [..] View

Nature vs Celestial vs Gadgets at range(mid)

2:21 am, April 14, 2014 i am currently rage and its very annoying getting knocked down when luthors block in nexus and i die from meleeing so i am thinking about switching to either nature celestial and gadgets, i was thinki [..] View

Originality in DPS

2:21 am, April 14, 2014 Making every power and every weapon hit exactly the same and have the same exact tap range, hold range, melee,etc as well as nerfing the allure of powersets is not balance. This is like a wish gone h [..] View

GU36 And Weapon Mastery: What Does It Do For Fire?

2:21 am, April 12, 2014 It does nothing that it needed to do. Nothing that the Devs implied that it would do. I'll tell you why. Enjoy: GU36 Balance Passes: Animation Times Pass Fire Melee has received barely noticeably [..] View

Can a tester comment about Quantum in GU36?

2:21 am, April 2, 2014 i have been seeing messages in the testing feedback area about quantum powers and i am a little confused, some say its getting nerfed and some say its not changing. could i get some feedback from some [..] View

Just in case that developers or Mepps didn't understand.

1:21 pm, March 28, 2014 Hello everybody This post is to clear things out to some people that don't understand why jump cancelling should not be nerfed . These people speak english and I believe you all will understand , w [..] View


1:21 am, March 27, 2014 3 years into a game and this is where we are at: -mics still do not work -combat system nerf/overhaul -guild system is non existent -continuous loot system changes -a no raid DLC coming up -DCUO lea [..] View

To the dps who picked a bad dps power....

1:21 am, March 23, 2014 This is a rant to the dps who have "troubles" with their powers For starters when picking a power for you new dps character it would be a good idea to pick: Rage Hard Light Celestial [..] View

Is it really OK to have no challenging content in DLC 10?

1:21 pm, March 21, 2014 Ever since the they nerfed DOX and Nexus about 3 months ago, there hasn't been any challenging content in the game. From the sound of it, we'll have another 3 months after DLC 10 of no challenging con [..] View

Devs - GU35: Can no longer jump-cancel into a range hold

1:21 am, March 20, 2014 So after GU 35 we can no longer jump-cancel HL construct fan into a ranged hold attack. SMH. We can still phantom triangle with tap range, but jump-cancelling into something like Solar Flame with HB's [..] View

Fire: Ok.... I Gotta QQ About Something Truly Petty

1:21 am, March 18, 2014 Hard Light: Work-in-progress................ You have got to be kidding me. HL is in danger of doing less damage thanks to the elimination of JC as a damage tactic. They NEED to be balanced so they [..] View

What DCUO really is.....

1:21 pm, March 12, 2014 DCUO the game/or the joke If u are starting to play DCUO right now. Stop change your game quick before u spend too much money that u can't leave. The game gets worse and worse and when u think its ab [..] View

A few words for SPytle

1:21 am, March 12, 2014 Hello Good Sir as a loyal paying customer for three years, I just wanted to address my concerns to you as I am really seeing a huge decline in interest and the amount of time I play this game now. I [..] View

The Most Annoying Thing in DCUO...

1:21 pm, March 9, 2014 ...unfortunately it's not the noob questions, Enickma having to talk about how great he is or anything else like that. No, my fellow gamers, it's much worse. I'm sure that the lot of you on the PC s [..] View

They ninja nerfed all precision buffs

1:21 pm, March 6, 2014 bloodlust, carnage, anoint are for sure 18% pref buffs instead of 45% not sure about other precision buffs but I'm sure they are nerfed too..... View

Topic: Nerfs

1:21 am, March 6, 2014 Heard alot of discussion on this, from Yesterday. Why do you guys think about the Jump cancelling nerf, also the Dw nerf? I know a lot of you are experienced players just wondering on your guys's thou [..] View

Why nerf the weapons? Make them hit HARDER!

1:21 am, March 6, 2014 *PT=Phantom Triangle*CELESTIAL = 22k Damage per 4.4 secondsPlague>Divine Light / Retribution>WitherHard Light = 27k Damage per 5 secondsGrenade/Snap>Fan/PT/Snap>Fan Rep [..] View

The Problem with the Forums and the Devs

1:21 am, March 6, 2014 Why does everyone complain about the useless stuff on the forums. Everyone is crying for nerfs on powers and raids. Hank in A&B is getting Nerfed again smh A&B wasn't even hard now its [..] View

What they're doing to weapons is sickening

1:21 am, March 5, 2014 I mean watch these 2 vids about what these DEVS did to weapon attacks. I didn't know they could have made 1-handed nerf worse, but they did, ALSO they made MOST of the weapons pretty much as bad [..] View

Nerfs nerfs and of course more nerfs :)

1:21 am, March 3, 2014 This game is not only becoming completely easy to beat all content under geared, but now they're more nerfs. Honestly it's not to big of a (hero) a/b nerf to Hank, but the point is the devs never list [..] View

Don't "Fix" Jump Canceling.

1:21 pm, February 28, 2014 Why try to fix something thats not broken? Anyone feel like this game is... getting nerfed to the point where you can't really enjoy its full potential? After 2.5 years of A Loyal Legendary membership [..] View

Sorry, but we aren't looking for a solo healer

1:21 am, February 25, 2014 We needed to pug a healer for an EO run and the guy assumed he would be solo healing and left despite reassurances that we'd be fine running 3 dps', 2 healers, 2 trolls, and a tank. I don't get it. [..] View

To all you people dissing ANB

1:21 pm, February 24, 2014 Just stop please, just stop. From my view as a villain tank, AnB is still pretty challenging, especially when the combat mechanics are in the game. The adds still hit pretty hard. Hal Jordan hits fo [..] View

What Is A Fire Tank?

1:21 am, February 23, 2014 Here me out. I'm speaking on a pure conceptual basis. I've explain below Fire Tanks have 3 methods of mitigate damage Self-Heals Buffed Health 80% Increased healing from outside sources. But I woul [..] View

An open letter to the community.

1:21 pm, February 22, 2014 Dear Green names and fellow gamers, Today I did something I never thought I would. I uninstalled DCUO. I know, I may have ruffled some feather from time to time, and if I ever once offended you, I do [..] View

Here Is Where The Fire Revamp Made Mistakes.

1:21 am, February 20, 2014 What is wrong with Fire in the current state of the game is directly the result of the revamp. OBVIOUS mistake the Devs made that they neglected to fix for whatever reason. They made great changes yet [..] View

How has Quantum Been Nerfed?

1:21 pm, February 19, 2014 I've had people tell me that Quantum WAS beast and OP and blah blah... But the thing is I don't recall reading about any nerf in patch notes. My question is, has it been Nerfed? If yes please disp [..] View

Thanks Devs, U can Take the "Super" out of Superhero now

1:21 am, February 19, 2014 I was proud of my "superhero" toon at one time. 177 sp, 5 feats left to go in the game...etc. Grinded the pvp feats before they nerfed it the first time, shot the stupid reapers, did [..] View

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