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2:21 pm, October 18, 2014

What would you like to see as future content in DCUO?

Personally, I feel that the extent to which magic has been shown in DCUO is mainly with Wonder Woman and Circe, and does not show the rich tapestry of Magic in the DCUO that exists OUTSIDE of these characters and their conflict. There are many more characters that I feel should be shown in the game to truly represent the mystical aspect of the DCU. Thus I present...

DCUO DLC Concept: Day of Vengeance (TBA)

HQ: Rock of Eternity and Kahndaqi Royal Palace

Day of Vengeance 1:An Unknown Enemy (Large DLC)

Inspired by sets: God's Vengeance (The Spectre) and Spirit of the Black Diamond (Eclipso)

Neutral drop armour: Agent of the Green (Swamp Thing)

Madame Xanadu has foreseen a war of dire consequences, with heroes and villains working together against an unknown threat. To prepare for this war and perhaps prevent it, Madame Xanadu has asked the heroes and villains to gather the greatest magical items on Earth to prevent their capture by this mysterious enemy and their use in the war to come. The whispers of war have even caused the Lords of Order and Chaos to act as they begin the preparations for war.

At the behest of Billy Batson, the Lords of Order and Doctor Fate have staged themselves in the Rock of Eternity.

Black Adam has begrudgingly allowed Wotan, and Mordru and his Lords of Chaos to place themselves in the Kahndaqi Royal Palace.

Operation (4 player): The Book of Eternity

The mysterious mastermind has sent one of his agents to the Gotham City Mueseum to steal a magical artifact of great importance, the Book of Eternity, written by Merlin himself. You must the theft of this artifact, and ensure it's safety with Madame Xanadu. This operation will lead you from the city of Gotham to an underground cave to face the agent of this mysterious mastermind.

This operation will lead you to fight Gentleman Ghost, who has been promised great power in return for his services.

Alert: Through the Nether

Morgaine Le Fay has kidnapped Doctor Fate/ Mordru and is imprisoning him inside the the Nether Realm, it is up to you to retrieve this Lord of Order/ Chaos to prevent their power from falling into the hands of this unknown mastermind.

Assault on the Rock/Kahndaq (Raid)

Necromantic hordes of the unknown mastermind have invaded your HQ, it is up to you to stop the siege on your HQ to prevent the loss of the staging area of your future war.

Agents of Vengeace (Operation 8 player)

Eclipso/ The Spectre are in great need of your help to stop their powers from being twisted and corrupted to the cause of the unknown mastermind. You must gather relics from several ancient cultures to prevent the mastermind from influencing the Spirit of Vengeance.

Relics include: Atlantean Armor

Egyptian Scrolls

Greek Weaponry etc.

Day of Vengeance Part 2: The Drums of War (Small DLC)

Inspired by sets: Garments of the Devil (Blue Devil) (H) and Raiments of the Demon (Etrigan) (V)

Neutral: Atlantean Battle-Gear (Ocean Master)

The necromantic hordes of the enemy grow by the day, and in the calm before the storm, now you must get the Atlanteans to join the war effort against the unseen threat, before it's too late! While the mastermind quietly takes his opening shots in the War for Magic...

Iconic Solos:

Birth of a King: Play through the origin of the King of Atlantis, Aquaman!

Trident of the Seas: Play as Orm, as he searches for the Trident, and as he becomes the Ocean Master.

Open World (Metropolis) Solos

Supplies for War: Help your faction as they gather weapons and artifacts by searching the Atlantean siege ships for supplies to further the war.

The Golden Fleece: Recover the Golden Fleece to further the war effort.

The Egyptian Books of the Dead: Recover one of Anubis' books to prevent them from falling into enemy hands.


Solo Instance: Defeat the traitor to the war cause who would betray all you have stood to build in this war effort, and stop them from turning over all you have collected to the enemy.


Fool for a King (V): Help Ocean Master by stealing ancient Atlantean Relics from the Metropolis Mueseum and bring them to him to strengthen his insurgency against Arthur and get him to join the War cause.

Long Live the King (H): Help Aquaman by recovering Atlantean Weaponry stolen by mercenaries from the surface, fight The Scavenger and reclaim those weapons!


Atlantis Under Attack: An urgent call has been sent from Atlantis, who are being invaded by a necromantic horde. Defend the city and get their king to join the war effort!


Siege on the League Hall: Madame Xanadu's shop, where she has been safeguarding the relics for the war, has been attacked and she has fled to your League Hall as a last resort. Defend her and the relics as the mysterious foe takes the first shot.

You defend the relics successfully, but they are taken nonetheless, and the mysterious foe is revealed: Felix Faust

Day of Vengeance Part 3: The War for Magic (Large DLC)

Felix Faust has taken several mystical items from the Earth realm, and has used them to conjure a gigantic necromantic horde and hosts of mystical creatures. The Lords of Order and Chaos have joined forces in an uneasy alliance to prevent all magic from being controlled by Faust.

Faust seeks to use his new found power to free himself from all of his deals, and rule Earth as its only sorcerer, you must end Faust's reign before it begins.

Inspired by sets: The Stranger's Wraps (Phantom Stranger) (H) and Robes of the Dark Lord (Mordru) (V)

Neutral: Gemworld Armor (Amethyst)


House of Mystery: One notable magical combatant, John Constantine has not been seen since the war begun, and is taking refuge in the House of Mystery, find him and get him to join the war effort.

Operation (4 Player):

Crypts of Gotham: Faust has set up a laboratory in the crypts beneath Gotham, where he is experimenting on the corpses and creating undead monstrosities, you must gather a team, head in to the crypts and shut down the laboratory before Faust has unspeakable horrors capable of changing the tide of the war.


Lords of Order: The Lords of Order have come together to create a enchantment capable of increasing the strength of their warriors' mystical abilities tenfold, you must protect the Lords as they create the enchantment.

Lords of Chaos: The Lords of Chaos are creating a magical weapon capable of destroying the hordes of Faust, but need your help to protect it as they are under assault by Faust.

Operations (8 Player):

War for Magic: The battle is here, and raging in Gotham and Metropolis, fight off the assaults on the cities and venture into Faust's HQ, the Tomb of ****, and end his tyrannical rule once and for all. But beware, Faust will know you are coming and has prepared the tomb filled with traps and unholy creatures. End the War and defeat Faust!


I would also like to see a redux on the CC trinket, but this time it would have a SHAZAM symbol instead when you change, so while it is an updated and higher level version of the CC trinket, it still has something new to add.

If you took the time to read it, thanks and also, this is only what I want to see as future content, or along the lines of it.

TLDR: More magic characters outside of WW and Circe

What content do you want to see in DCUO's future?



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